Antoine Malick


Played by‚Äč Jimmy Akingbola

04/01/2011 (S13 E12)

26/11/2013 (S16 E7)

Last Appearance:
07/06/2016 (S18 E35)

Consultant General Surgeon

Chippy and ambitious, Antoine Malick does not suffer fools gladly. This volatile doctor is hungry for consultancy and, unlike his privileged contemporaries, feels he has had to work better, fight harder, to get where he is today. Prone to volatility, Malick has an instinctive moral compass that often falls foul of the rule book. Meting out his Robin Hood style justice can lead Malick into troubled waters.

Previous Positions:

  • General Surgical Registrar (2011-13)
  • Clinical Skills Tutor (2012-13)

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