Casualty Review: Series 32, Episode 39

Unfortunately, I had to watch this episode a few days after it aired, although I wish I could have been around the Twitter-verse to see viewers’ reactions! The content of this episode could have been stolen from a fanfiction, it was that entertaining and wavering on the line of implausibility.

It all began with a rather stressed and cranky Connie (Amanda Mealing) strutting around on the hunt for Dylan (William Beck), as they were scheduled to be going to a meeting to discuss Connie’s proposal for a trauma theatre in the E.D. You could tell this episode was going to be a little humorous, as Connie serenaded her goldfish, Mrs. B (R.I.P little one), whilst waiting for a call to go through.

After some deliberation and still no sign of Dr. Keogh, Connie managed to rope Elle (Jaye Griffiths) into accompanying her and the pair bickered over who was driving and consequently what station to listen to on the radio. That’s when they drove straight into a pesky pothole (we’re all too familiar with those!) and found themselves with a flat tyre, stranded on the side of a valley road not far from Holby. Upon Connie’s instruction, Elle begrudgingly went about replacing the tyre only to be rewarded with petulant complaints from the Clinical Lead and then a dousing of water from a muddy puddle; classic comedy that we haven’t seen in Casualty for a while.

They managed to make it to a local garage/petrol station, where they intended to clean up after their ordeal. But, with dramatic flair, the Holby rivals found themselves thrown into a sticky situation when Ben (Ron Donachie)—a desperate father with a strained relationship with his daughter—was attempting to rob the checkout. Connie and Elle were only alerted to the issue when they realised they’d been locked in the grubby bathroom. After some comedic one-liners, Elle managed to kick the door open and they scared Ben away. In his escape, he couldn’t get his car to start due to his Parkinson’s affecting his dexterity, but he eventually got it working and then speedily reversed; unintentionally knocking over his daughter and crashing into Elle’s car.
Casualty, BBC, Series 32, Episode 39, episode review, Elle, Connie, Jaye Griffiths, Amanda Mealing
Connie and Elle treating Frankie at the petrol station (Jaye Griffiths, Amanda Mealing, Rosalind McAndrew and Ron Donachie).

Naturally, the soggy and tardy doctors go about resourcefully treating Frankie (Rosalind McAndrew), Ben’s daughter, on the floor of the petrol station. Before long, armed police and an ambulance arrive to take over. Jump to Connie and Elle once again stranded—with the car too damaged to drive—and Elle waved down a passing van in the hopes of hitch-hiking, much to Connie’s distaste. This is probably my favourite scene because you can see the duo hesitantly warming to each other as they sit amongst tools and debris in the back of this van, travelling at a measly speed through the valley. It was Elle’s surprise and smugness about Connie calling her “Elle” that made me grin!

Casualty, BBC, Series 32, Episode 39, episode review, Jaye Griffiths, Elle, Connie, Amanda Mealing
Elle and Connie (Jaye Griffiths and Amanda Mealing).

They finally made it to the meeting, the episode’s director repeating the clips we’d seen at the start of the episode, and the proposal is saved by Elle’s heartfelt speech after she’d fumbled her way through a poor delivery of the statistics. A poignant reminder that money shouldn’t be the deal breaker when, “…isn’t that the point? To save lives.”.

In another renowned trope, Connie and Elle were given a double room instead of a twin—but oh! it’s the last room in the inn! This is when Elle revealed that she’s aware of Connie’s persistent testing as a result of her illness and the PTSD she seemed to be experiencing. Connie, as predicted, was not impressed by Elle’s observations and she left. What did surprise me was that she came back, allowing herself to be won over by Elle’s offers of a drink and pretty much dropping the entire issue without causing a fuss. The pair then jovially discussed the men of the E.D. and Connie went on to divulge the kiss she’d shared with Ethan back in London! I was amazed at how quickly the indisputable Clinical Lead opened up and welcomed Elle’s friendly banter and conversation. Who’d have thunk it?!
Casualty, BBC, Series 32, Episode 39, episode review, David, Jason Durr
David played by Jason Durr.

Meanwhile, in the E.D., David (Jason Durr) found himself momentarily under citizen’s arrest when a friend of a patient recognised him as the man from the newspaper! David’s doppelganger had been flashing old women! Throughout the episode, understandably, David grew more and more paranoid and anxious; finding various ways to conceal his identity, even considering handing himself in despite being completely innocent. Yet another dose of lighthearted comedy punctuating the heavier storylines that are going on. It all culminated when David came face to face with his look alike, and as far-fetched as the entire thing was, I was delighted and found it hilarious!

Casualty, BBC, Series 32, Episode 39, episode review, Gem, Rash, Rebecca Ryan, Neet Mohan
Gem and Rash (Rebecca Ryan and Neet Mohan).
We should also mention the humour in Gem and Rash (Rebecca Ryan and Neet Mohan) being left in charge of looking after Mrs. B. Noel (Tony Marshall) being involved in yet another humorous storyline, even with the unfortunate demise of Mrs. B and what she represents. In short, Gem and Rash spent most of the ep bickering over who was the primary caregiver of this fish whilst Connie’s away and then believing the fish dead because they’ve overfed her. Turned out, Noel had spilt his coffee into the tank and the fish… well, the fish was no more. Both parties had rushed around to find a replacement Mrs. B, but will Connie realise?

Other plot points I’d quickly like to include:

  • Jacob and Sam (Charles Venn and Charlotte Salt) were still flirting and presumably seeing each other. He rose to the challenge of coming with her in the ambulance so she arranged a date for his trip out.
  • Louise and Robyn (Azuka Oforka and Amanda Henderson) were still involved in the quietly-developing storyline regarding car park privatisation and parking fines. Jacob stepped in this episode to try and help the situation, but seemingly made it worse when he was caught changing Robyn’s number plate with the hopes of fines being sent to a car that ‘doesn’t exist’ (although I feel sorry for the poor unknowing soul in the Holby-verse who would have received fines simply because they’d have had the same number plate as Robyn’s fake one!).

  • BBC, Casualty, episode review, series 32, episode 39, Alicia, Bea, Chelsea Halfpenny, Michelle Fox
    Alicia and Bea (Chelsea Halfpenny and Michelle Fox).

    Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) was still clearly distressed by the events involving Eddie (Joe Gaminara), despite telling him that they could move on last episode. It seemed as though Bea (Michelle Fox) was unintentionally proving to be a burden rather than a godsend; as Alicia had been longing for someone trustworthy to keep her company in her new house. With Bea already questioning Alicia’s behaviour, she’s adamant that there’s something fishy going on (is that too soon after Mrs. B?). Will she figure out what’s troubling our registrar?

  • Kyle and Molly’s (Jordan Akkaya and Kate James) storyline regarding webcam sexual exploitation was an important area to cover, as it involved blackmail and threats and very much a prevalent issue. I also liked how they tied it in with Alicia and Bea.

Overall, whilst this episode developed the serious storylines of privatised parking and Alicia’s ordeal, I was so grateful for the comedic relief it offered as well. The entire episode was fun and lighthearted, such an easy watch and it provided a break in the streak of heavy episodes we’ve had recently.
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