Casualty Review: Series 32, Episode 40

How’s everyone coping with the lack of Casualty at the moment? Whilst it’s late and not overly exciting, this review at least offers some Casualty content to break up the long weeks of football and humid heat!

If we remember back, the episode began with a bruised woman lying in bed, a high-pitched sound piercing the scene. It flashed between shots of her clasping her head and another of her setting up a camera (or phone) and staring at us through the screen. She then left the house after checking on her partner who’s sleeping on the sofa, however, as soon as he heard the door click shut he’s up and searching the house. Eventually, after rummaging in draws, he pulled back a pillow on the bed to uncover a small, bloodied knife.

He went to her workplace, where he saw her (innocently) embracing a male colleague and clearly the green-eyed monster had a part to play in whatever situation occurred the night before. She insisted that she wasn’t having an affair and then got into the car with him so that they could discuss things, although his petulant anger does seem to be verging on danger as he sat behind the wheel, revving the engine and accelerating with great speed. It turned out Vikki (Emily Howlett)—the bruised woman—is deaf, and upon having had enough of their arguing, removed her hearing aid to avoid hearing any further comments from him. Unfortunately, this simply resulted in angering Lucas (Alexander Forsyth) further, and he purposefully lined them up to collide head on with a tractor on a narrow country road. In a bid to save their lives, Vikki leant over and jerked the wheel in order to swerve around the tractor, however it culminated in them ploughing into a shed in somebody’s front garden instead. We then saw an elderly man gaze brokenly at the scene as he called for his wife, who had been in the shed.

Throughout the episode, the events leading up to their trip to the hospital was uncovered as Lucas declared Vikki had stabbed him. Due to the crash, the police had been called and they’re even more inclined to interview the couple once hearing of his statement. When they got round to visiting Vikki, she became upset upon hearing the half-truth Lucas had been sharing, instead getting out her phone and showing Ethan (George Rainsford) the video she’d recorded of Lucas attacking her the night before. This synced up with the short clips that had been interspersed at the start of the episode.

Not only did this storyline deal with abuse, but it also gave us insight into the struggle of being deaf whilst being treated in hospital, as interpreters aren’t always available. Good thing they had Noel (Tony Marshall) to hand! I found the storyline had me second guessing a lot, even though it seemed fairly obvious what had gone on you couldn’t help but momentarily believe the red herrings.

BBC, Casualty, episode review, series 32, episode 40, Noel, Rash, Gem, Tony Marshall, Neet Mohan, Rebecca Ryan
Noel, Rash, and Gem (Tony Marshall, Neet Mohan, and Rebecca Ryan).
This weeks’ comedic relief was the continued case into Mrs B’s murder (the fish, that is!). With Rash and Gem (Neet Mohan and Rebecca Ryan) anxious that Connie (Amanda Mealing) would hold them accountable for Noel’s mistake, the trio act fishy (is that pun too soon?) around the E.D. for the entire shift. Obviously, Connie cottoned on pretty quickly but carried out her plan a little longer, just for fun! This storyline also gave us the delights of Connie and Elle’s (Jaye Griffiths) new friendship, as the pair conspired to draw out the culprit by playing on their guilt.

I must also mention the overwhelmingly touching scene when Connie found out she’d receive funding for the new theatre. The friends basked in the good news and Connie can’t help but laugh as she mentioned Elle’s awful presentation from the previous episode. After a jovial quip, Elle went to leave but then got stopped by Connie; who asked for her opinion on her scar, with fear that it was going keloid. Elle’s touching response to her friend’s uncharacteristic anxiety was, “Hey, Connie, all the best people have scars.” Connie seemed surprised by that, perhaps even unconvinced. “You’re even more beautiful, now that you’re a little less perfect.”

And as one of their biggest supporters, my heart melts every time I watch that scene – I can’t even remain objective about this! What I really want to know is, what antics did they get up to this time when they go for a celebratory drink?

BBC, Casualty, episode review, series 32, episode 40, Alicia, Leigh-Anne, Chelsea Halfpenny, Cassie Bradley
Leigh-Anne with Alicia (Cassie Bradley and Chelsea Halfpenny).

Alicia’s (Chelsea Halfpenny) storyline was also woven into this week’s ep, with her being allocated Leigh-Anne’s (Cassie Bradley) case as she returned to the hospital with concern for her son again. She found out about the relationship she’d had with Ethan and I think it fair to say that she was very unimpressed, barely letting him explain his intentions; although I can’t blame her. She understandably didn’t wish to get involved in the situation, but later on she talked with Leigh-Anne and seemed to relate to the woman, neither of them wanting to be alone. She managed to talk her out of filing an official complaint against Ethan—Alicia still saving the day despite her own problems. I think Vikki’s story also hit home.

I’m still clenching my teeth at that line from Eddie (Joe Gaminara), “They like it when we take charge.” Someone please stop him from giving dating advice, otherwise I may end up punching my screen. It turned my stomach, so I hate to think how sickening that would have been for Alicia to overhear.

BBC, Casualty, episode review, series 32, episode 40, Bea, Alicia, Chelsea Halfpenny, Michelle Fox
Bea and Alicia (Michelle Fox and Chelsea Halfpenny).
Not only has all this gone on for poor Alicia this week, but Bea (Michelle Fox) was pestering her (even if it was as a concerned friend) and Ethan somehow figured that now was the right time to disclose his history with Scott Ellison. Despite Alicia being short tempered and, overall, rather out of character (in the sense that she’s usually chipper, not in the sense that the writing is dire), Ethan went on to tell her how he’d let Scott die. Again, this news clearly sickens Alicia and I’m glad for her sake that she stopped him from saying any more. The one man she thought she could trust, and even he has done unbelievably immoral things. I am amazed the woman is still standing, in all honesty. I don’t know how anyone could cope with such a heavy load weighting their shoulders.

Finally, some other points to which I’d like to give a nod:

  • BBC, Casualty, episode review, series 32, episode 40, Jacob, Sam, Charles Venn, Charlotte Salt
    Jacob and Sam (Charles Venn and Charlotte Salt).

    Jacob (Charles Venn) giving advice to Blake (Kai Thorne) about confronting his feelings for this mystery woman he liked was sweet, even if it royally backfired when it was in fact Sam (Charlotte Salt) he tried to kiss. Can’t wait to see how that news plays out. We also saw Jacob go out in the ambulance this week alongside Iain (Michael Stevenson) and Sam.

  • Dear little Marie and Geordie (Patricia Brake and George Layton) were the touch of romance that provided us some hope this episode. With her longing for travel and his preference for staying at home, it made us all go a little soft when he told her he’d booked them a trip to France!

This episode brought back fun Connie, who I have missed despite loving her return to classic Connie, so it was a win in my book—even if some parts were a little far fetched for comedic purposes. It also highlighted more important topics that we don’t always see in mainstream media, so overall I found it a worthwhile and enjoyable episode.
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