Henrik Hanssen


Played by​ Guy Henry

19/10/2010 (S13 E1)

Consultant General Surgeon

Henrik Love Hanssen (né Lövborg) is a consultant in general surgeon at Holby City Hospital.

Highly intellectual and enigmatic, Swedish-born Hanssen is the epitome of an exceptional leader with razor-sharp focus and meticulous surgical skill. Hanssen’s aloof manner and dry wit belie an often perceptive and compassionate nature but he would never dream of revealing any private moments of weakness. An omniscient and steadfast presence, Holby is safe in his hands.

Previous Positions:

  • Director of Surgery (2010-13)
  • Chief Executive Officer (2011-13, 2015-18)​


  • Henrik left Holby City on the 8th October 2013
  • He returned to the wards on the 28th April 2015

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