John ‘Abs’ Denham


Played by‚Äč James Redmond

04/10/2003 (S18 E5)

18/10/2008 (S23 E7)

Last Appearance:
27/08/2016 (S31 E1)

Staff Nurse

Charming but eccentric loner Abs was a sensitive soul whose pity for scheming nurse Ellen got him into very hot water.

Abs was shot on New Year’s Eve 2007 while out at a night club with Kelsey but he escaped with just a minor injury to his arm.
Abs eventually became disillusioned with the NHS and left to put his psychiatric skills to use in the wider community.
Abs recorded a video message for Charlie, congratulating him in 2016, on his 30th anniversary of working in the ED. In his video he told Charlie that he was the best, and to keep in touch.

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