Matteo Rossini


Played by‚Äč Christian Vit

29/11/2016 (S19 E8)

28/11/2017 (S19 E60)

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Matteo’s arrival to Darwin ward caused Jac Naylor to feel threatened, even though Matteo stole her project idea before joining the team. Jac later finds this out and makes life for him on Darwin miserable, Matteo seemed confused as Guy Self was the one who gave him all the details about Jac’s project.

Matteo and Jac later have a fling, but that didn’t last long! Matteo later takes Jac’s job as Lead Consultant on Darwin ward after she was demoted, a few weeks later Jac gets her job back from Matteo as he didn’t like all the paper work.

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