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Abigail Tate

Abigail Tate played by Olivia Poulet.

John Gaskell

John Gaskell played by Paul McGann.

Roxanna MacMillan

Roxanna MacMillan played by​ Hermione Gulliford.

Nina Karnik

Nina Karnik played by Ayesha Dharker

Matteo Rossini

Matteo Rossini played by Christian Vit

Elle Gardner

Elle Gardner played by Jaye Griffiths.

Berenice ‘Bernie’ Wolfe

Played by​ Jemma Redgrave Arrival: 02/02/2016 (S18 E17) Departure: 08/08/2017 (S19 E44) Last Appearance: 20/06/2018 (S20 E25) Position: Consultant General and Trauma Surgeon & AAU Co-Clinical Lead Background: Berenice "Bernie" Griselda Wolfe, is a...

Annabelle Cooper

Annabelle Cooper played by Nina Wadia

Jesse Law

Jesse Law played by Don Gilet

Connie Beauchamp

Connie Beauchamp played by Amanda Mealing.


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