Zosia March


Played by​ Camilla Arfwedson

10/09/2013 (S15 E48)

26/09/2017 (S19 E51)

Last Appearance:
02/01/2018 (S20 E1)

CT2 Junior Doctor

Zosia March joined the wards of Holby City Hospital as a new junior doctor alongside Arthur Digby and Dominic Copeland on Keller ward. Zosia has bipolar disorder, it was discovered when she broke up with Jesse Law.

She isn’t afraid to question hierarchy and she doesn’t feel obliged to fit in, but she is open-minded and fiercely loyal to those she likes. Business-like when it comes to sex, Zosia is also resoundingly private, hiding a troubled past from a prying world.

Since moving from Keller to Darwin ward, Zosia has made many impressions and made new relationships which include Oliver Valentine.

Previous Positions:

  • Foundation Year 1 (2013-14)
  • Foundation Year 2 (2014, 2015-16)
  • Core Training Year 1 (2016-17)

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